Frequently Asked Questions 

  • What will my dog’s day be like?
    After drop off and assignment to a group, your dog will play with other dogs, interact with our staff and receive rewards for good behavior throughout the morning. Between 1-3 pm, we observe naptime. Nap time is very important to the rhythm of our day. It insures proper rest & recovery for the dogs and allows time for cleaning & maintenance. No pick-ups or drop-offs are conducted during daily nap time. At 3 PM dogs go out for more play. After play, boarding dogs come in for dinner and daycare dogs queue up to go home.


  • Can I bring my dog without a reservation?
    Our number one priority is safety. To insure adequate Staff to dog ratios, prior reservations are required.


  • Do you allow same day reservations?
    Yes. We accept reservations by phone up to 9:30 AM daily. Please call to check availability.


  • Can I make a repeated reservation for daycare for the same day each week?
    Yes. If you make a “standing” reservation, you don’t have to call ahead; you are guaranteed a spot. If you will not be coming, please call to cancel since we often have a waiting list.


  • Why can’t I bring my dog in the afternoon?
    Drop-off times are the most stressful times for the dogs. It is when the most attention must be paid to the proper assignment of dogs to their playgroups. Incoming dogs must greet one another, get acquainted with other dogs and find a “place” within their group. Once the groups are established, it is safer not to disrupt the dynamic by adding additional dogs.


  • How do you separate the dogs?
    We first look at age, size and play-style and assign dogs accordingly. Beyond that, we assess each dog’s individual personality and attempt to match them with the most appropriate playmates. Some dogs develop very strong bonds and when that happens, we will help you coordinate a schedule that works for you and your dog.


  • Who watches the dogs?
    Dogs are supervised by member(s) of our trained and dedicated staff.  Staff members complete comprehensive on-the-job  training and are also encouraged to complete independent study in subjects that relate to dog care & behavior.


  • Will my dog get sick or injured playing with other dogs?
    We do everything in our power to prevent the spread of disease. Our practices include daily cleaning & disinfecting and are conducted in accordance with industry standards and guidelines. We require all new dogs to show proof of vaccination and to provide timely updates to their vaccination records.  Please do your part by keeping your dog home if he shows any signs of illness including, undiagnosed sores or lesions, diarrhea, vomiting, coughing, gagging and/or nasal or eye discharge. Seek and follow your veterinarian’s advice. Please advise us of any illness that your dog is experiencing.  Day care is an active environment and although we monitor all play, injuries can occur.  We highly recommend pet insurance for any active dog.  You can find companies and rate comparisons on the internet by searching “pet insurance”.


  • What should I bring when my dog boards?
    You need to bring your dog’s food in sufficient quantity for feeding during his stay. We have limited storage space so only bring what will be consumed. Dry food should be placed in plastic storage bags, one bag per meal. Canned/wet food should be in the original container. We can accommodate raw & home cooked food that are packaged by meal. Frozen meals are also accepted. Please label all food with your dogs name.


  • What if my dog takes medication?
    We can administer medication by mouth or in your dog’s food. Medication should be brought in the original container and with dosage amount & the instructions for administration. The administration of shots is determined on a case by case basis so please call to discuss.


  • My dog likes his crate. Should I bring his crate?
    If your dog likes the security of a crate, we can provide one. Dogs that like their crates are crated at nap time and bedtime. Dogs under 6 months old may be crated for their safety.


  • Where will my dog sleep if she is not crated?
    At night your dog is free to select a bed, sofa or chair to curl up on. Check out some photo of dogs boarding on our website.


  • Do you accept unspayed or unneutered dogs?
    The veterinary standards for spaying and neutering have changed a lot in the past few years, with many vets now recommending that you not spay or neuter your dog until 12-18 months in some circumstances. In effort to help our clientele abide by their vet’s recommendations, we allow unaltered dogs up to 18 months to be evaluated (with some conditions).

    Owners of unspayed dogs must have someone on call at all times to pick up your dog immediately if they go into heat. This includes unspayed dogs in our care for overnight boarding. Dogs that are not able to be picked up will be isolated or brought to a local vet for care until the owner is able to pick them up. Any undesirable behavior resulting from a dog being unaltered may give us cause to remove your dog from daycare (with potential to re-evaluate after their procedure depending on the severity of the behavior).


  • What is your Cancellation Policy?
    To avoid a charge, please let us know by 4pm the prior day if you do not plan on bringing your dog for their reservation they have saved. This allows us to give your dog’s spot to the next person in line on the waitlist. A simple text message or email is enough for us to take your dog off the next day’s roster.
    Also note that a high percentage of cancellations of your reservation may result in us giving that spot to another interested client. We feel this cancellation policy is the best way to balance providing stellar service to our clients while also allowing reliable hours to our incredible staff.