Dog Training

Our Training Approach

We believe that a positive, fun approach to training results in a happy, responsive dog and fosters a lifelong enthusiasm for learning. Our training methods are based on established scientific learning protocols, which are highly effective and easy to learn. Through the use of "markers" and rewards, your dog will quickly and easily learn which behaviors to repeat and which behaviors to avoid. Whether you want your dog to obey basic commands like sit, down, come, stay, and leave it, or you want your dog to stop jumping on guests, we can help. Because our methods are positive and gentle, puppies as young as 8 weeks old can begin training before bad habits develop.


Training Info

Our programs are flexible, affordable and can be scheduled at your convenience.


Private Training- One-on-one instruction customized to meet your goals, with times and locations scheduled at your convenience. $75-100/Hour

Private Training – $75-100/hour