Dog Daycare

Daycare Info

The Dog Nanny stands out as Merrimack Valley’s top choice for doggy daycare. Boasting nearly two decades of expertise, we ensure a lively, enriching, and secure setting where your dog can freely play. Our proficient team, adept in canine behavior, ensures that your dog is matched with playmates of like energy and play style. All dogs must undergo a temperament evaluation before joining our daycare to guarantee a safe and positive environment for both your furry friend and our staff.

Your dog is welcome to come play every day of the week. Drop-off hours are between 7-10 AM on weekdays and 8-10 AM on weekends. Please note that morning drop-offs are required. For a Half-Day of daycare, pick-up time is between 12-1 PM. For a Full-Day, you can pick up your dog between 3-6:30 PM on weekdays, and between 3-5 PM on weekends.

Full day daycare – $48
Second dog – $38

Half day daycare – $38
Second dog – $28

The Dog Nanny Offers Monthly Subscriptions!
This is an awesome way to save money, and your unused days do NOT expire at the end of the month.
Click here to visit our full rates page and learn more

Subscription Price for 1 (One) Dog Family –
4 Days of Daycare – $128 Half Day / $168 Full Day
8 Days of Daycare – $256 Half Day / $336 Full Day
12 Days of Daycare – $360 Half Day / $480 Full Day


Unaltered Dog Policy

The veterinary standards for spaying and neutering have changed a lot in the past few years, with many vets now recommending that you not spay or neuter your dog until 12-18 months in some circumstances. In effort to help our clientele abide by their vet’s recommendations, we allow unaltered dogs up to 18 months to be evaluated (with some conditions).

Owners of unspayed dogs must have someone on call at all times to pick up your dog immediately if they go into heat. This includes unspayed dogs in our care for overnight boarding. Dogs that are not able to be picked up will be isolated or brought to a local vet for care until the owner is able to pick them up.Any undesirable behavior resulting from a dog being unaltered may give us cause to remove your dog from daycare (with potential to re-evaluate after their procedure depending on the severity of the behavior).

Cancellation Policy

To avoid a daycare charge, please let us know by 4pm the prior day if you don’t plan on bringing your dog for the reservation they have saved. This allows us to give your dog’s spot to the next person in line on the waitlist. A simple text message or email is enough for us to take your dog off the next day’s roster. 

Also note that a high percentage of cancellations of your reservation may result in us giving that spot to another interested client. We feel this cancellation policy is the best way to balance providing stellar service to our clients while also allowing reliable hours to our incredible staff.